NextCycle IML™


NextCycle IML™

The Next Generation IML Labels

Since many years and still so, standard IML is the best-in-class labelling technology for the current PP packaging and recycling landscape. Having in mind that the future circular economy and associated forthcoming legislation will be more demanding than ever before, we understand as a leader and pioneer in the IML market, that it’s time to introduce some disruptive new technology to keep IML decoration as the preferred and most sustainable decoration technique for rigid PP packaging.

Having received the Recyclass Technology approval stating that NextCycle IML™ is fully compatible with the PP recycling stream, MCC Verstraete proudly presents the next generation IML labels: NextCycle IML™. This label solution allows a fully decorated IML packaging to be mechanically recycled without any impact of the IML label on the rPP.

Next to an important step forward towards the production of mechanically recycled food grade rPP, also a trade-off between Marketing and Recycling is no longer required.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our socials to join us for the big launch of these Next Generation IML Labels! 

Nico Van de Walle - Product and Circular Economy Manager

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